About Us

Xpertrans Language Services Co., Ltd was established on July 15, 2010. We expanded through our Client Service Department at Wuhan in April, 2018.
We have always insisted on the principle of ‘no spam’, ‘cold call’ and ‘illegal rebates’ since inception. Our renowned clients include China Central Television, Tencent, Tsinghua University, Capital Normal University, TLS contact, Hundsun Technologies Inc, Marposs, and many more. Our language services provided to them in more than 30 languages include-
Audio clips-

Translating text/Writing/Proofreading/Polishing-
In the past, we have had major hurdles in the pricing policy. It becomes difficult to please the client and translators when it comes to determine quality against the price. Unified higher quality services come at a price and this may not go down well with clients who are content with basic services only.
And that is how we now evolve into a translation agency to provide clients and translators with a platform to get their job done smoothly and easily. This includes finding assignments for translation and finding translators for assignments. Not only that the translators also have the privilege of developing their own pricing policy. We assume the role of the liaisoning and managing the entire service process.

Business philosophy

Meet clients’ language needs at the most reasonable price.
Not only make it most reasonable for clients, but also for translators.
The most reasonable price is not necessarily the lowest price, or the price quoted by the translation company, but the price naturally formed by the market.
This is why we let the translators quote for themselves.
The quote for each order is transparent. Clients and translators can find the right working partner depending on the prices quoted on either side. Low price with a poor quality of work is a definite no-no.
Translation is not a standardized service. There is no uniform standard to evaluate the quality of translation. Price comparison does not necessarily lead to getting a satisfactory product. Hence price comparison for a subjective evaluation does not make sense.
So we do not provide price comparison services.

What can we do for our clients?

The client is free to browse through the translators’ resumes, view translation practices, translation essays and other clients’ ratings.
Clients can release essays within 300 words in "Translation Test" to choose qualified translators. Having a test essay can bring you multiple qualified translators.
You can release your project in "Translation demands" so that competent translators who are available can find you.

In addition to translators and interpreters, you may also find private tutors, foreign teachers, overseas travel guides, overseas employees, equipment for simultaneous interpretation for rent and other language-related services in various languages.

What can we do for translators and interpreters?

You are no longer a boring resume sent to translation companies. You can showcase your capability in translation in "translation exercises", your language proficiency, translation experience, and other things that can express your personality in "translation essays".
You can run your business like a translation company. According to your availability and the market competition changing in off-season and peak seasons, prices can be modified at any time. Develop your own pricing policy and provide different prices to different clients for different translation projects.
You can participate in "translation test" offered by clients, and you can express your interest in the client's "translation demands" by "liking" it.
If you are responsible for a translation project that requires the assistance of a native language speaker or other translators, you can place an order on their resume and you become a client then.
The quotation can also accommodate other points like your intention or availability for overseas assignments.