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性别: 男     年龄: 28     深圳     中国
母语:中文-普通话-简体     第二母语:中文-普通话-简体     外语:英语     第二外语:英语

Chinese-English Translation: 161.0元/千字原文

English-Chinese Translation: 161.0元/千字原文


2010 - 2014 Wuhan University

Surveying and Mapping Engineering Bachelor

This major helps me understand the basics of common technology, and a little bit about programming. Also, though not relevant to the major, it did provide some precious time in the library.

Translator & Proofreader

2 years into the industry, I am now a translator & proofreader and have completed some 800,000 words translation, including legal documents.

a bit more

Presently, I have a level 3 translator certificate and is working on the next one.
You will probably find me cycling or in the gym in my spare time.

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