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Audio/video transcription 英语听写: 13.8元/分钟


2002 - 2004 Yuba College Nursing Program

Certificate in Medical Office Procedures with Transcription (completed at Yuba College)


2004 - 2012 Rideout Memorial Hospital

Medical Transcriptionist II

Transcribing dictations made by physicians and healthcare professionals. Transcribed documents including discharge summaries, medical history and physical examination reports, operative reports, consultation reports, autopsy reports, diagnostic-imaging studies, progress notes, and referral letters. Transcribed specialties including oncology. psychiatry. pathology. radiology. gastroenterology. ENT. pediatrics and gynecology.

2012 - Present Freelance Independent Contractor (Transcription, captioning, proofreading)


2004- 2012: Medical Transcriptionist II: Rideout Memorial Hospital. Transcribing dictations made by physicians and healthcare professionals.

2012 - Present: Freelance Independent Contractor.

Research and Focus Groups: Many years experience transcribing focus groups in the fields of technology. gaming. fashion. etc.

Professional Interviews: Over 15 years experience in typing professional interviews for companies such as Google. Apple. Geico and more.

Captioning: Over two years of experience captioning for television and movies.

General transcription: Entertainment interviews, podcasts, radio shows and commercials spanning across many fields.


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English interview audio transcription

数量:44.200 单价:11.50/分钟, 总价:508元

Please send me transcript before 2 pm today.

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English interview audio about football transcription

数量:27.500 单价:11.50/分钟, 总价:316元

Delivery time: 24 hours.

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English interview audio transcription

数量:21.300 单价:11.50/分钟, 总价:245元

Delivery time: with 18 hours.

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