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性别: 男     年龄: 34     北京     中国
母语:土耳其语     外语:英语     第二外语:中文-普通话-简体

Chinese to Turkish: 345.0元/千字原文

Chinese to English: 287.5元/千字原文

I went to China in 2006 and I am currently living in Beijing and carrying out outsource and freelance works mainly for game and software developing companies. I am married, currently holding a Chinese driving license that allows me to drive in China and a 10-year US visa. I always would like to evaluate new opportunities, as I’m perfectly capable to work and live in any country.

I am a hard-working, adaptable, as well as self-motivated and an open mind person. I am very keen to learn new things related to various subjects, always trying to push forward and do my best in order to reach a satisfying conclusion. I am also interested in being a personal guide and occasionally practicing it for tourism and business-oriented trips due to my understanding of China, culturally and environmentally. I am highly passionate about the place I live on, trying to work on different aspects to profoundly explore the great culture.


2002 - 2006 Uludag University

Econometrics BA

Finished Statistical and Econometric Analysis B.A. degree in Schools of Economics & Management of Uludağ University, Bursa in 2002-2006

2006 - 2008 BFSU

Chinese Training Course

Studied Chinese in Beijing Foreign Studies University for 2 years and successfully completed four semesters of intensive, advanced Chinese Language Studies in 2006-2008, received Beijing Foreign Studies University Certificate


2014 - 2017 Oasis Games

Game Localization & Operation Support Executive

Game localization and operation support process, testing game and finding bugs, communicating with players, collecting bug information from players and informing necessary departments. Using social media platform to attract more players and for business development. Developing events and tournaments for games and apps.

Titan Throne 泰坦王座

Titan Throne game translation, localization, and bug fixing from Chinese to Turkish. The file included over 200k Chinese characters

龙之谷 Dragon Nest

Titan Throne game translation, localization, and bug fixing from Chinese to Turkish. The file included over 1000k Chinese characters

Translate for translation companies

I've translated countless of characters for translation companies for several years

Translate for Powertrans

I've translated countless of characters for Powertrans company for several years

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