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中翻英: 138.0Yuan/1000 source language words

英翻中: 115.0Yuan/1000 source language words

中文听写: 9.2Yuan/minute

英文听写: 34.5Yuan/minute

Brief biography
At work,I am focused on every task assigned from my leader. Besides,I can get along with people and keep enthusiasm on my job. Being positive and optimistic,I can face any challenge with enough confidence.
“It’s never too old to learn” pushes me keep moving.Therefore,I like to read some books in my spare time. Translation is my beloved filed. Although I had a lot of work to do,I still decided to study and took part in CATTI in Nov. 2017.Doing what I like is my ideal life. I hope you give me this opportunity. I will try my best to work hard.Thank you!

Educational background

2009 - 2013 湖南理工学院

英语专业 学士学位


Work experience

2013 - 2018 株洲斯威铁路产品有限公司


1,participate in AAR Audit,such as accompanying auditor,providing English reference and interpreting;
2, translate process documents,drawings and other technical files;
3,write the messages for our leaders and reply the e-mail from our foreign customer.

全国计算机二级,TEM 8,Catti 3.


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