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性别: 女     年龄: 60     德国
母语:德语     外语:英语     第二外语:法语

German video/audio transcription: 16.1元/分钟

German to and from English translation: 885.5元/千字原文

French to German translation: 885.5元/千字原文

Spanish to German translation: 885.5元/千字原文


1965 - 1977 Waldorfschool D-Wuppertal

Advanced Technical College Entrance Qualification

1978 - 1978 Bavaria Hotelfachschule, D-Altoetting

Seminar for professionals in the catering trade

1979 - 1980 Fachverlag der Gastronomie, Rheinland-Pfalz

Tele course Hotel- & Gaststaettengehilfin (expert in the hotel and catering industry)

1988 - 1989 Sprachenschule Amkreutz, D-Bergisch Gladbach

Training program for Business Assistant for Foreign Languages Correspondent

1988 - 1988 IHK D-Cologne (German Chamber of Commerce)

Certified audio typist

1991 - 1992 IHK D-Cologne (German Chamber of Commerce)

Workshop on Certified Secretary

1997 - 1997 GmbH, D-Cologne

SAP R/3 Procurement

2000 - 2000 BWK, D-Leverkusen

Rhetoric workshop

2001 - 2002 D-Karlsruhe

Internal education on validation and QM


2010 - 至今 Self-employed

2004 - 2010 Horner Translations GmbH, D-Weilheim

Proofreading of technical, QM and other documents in all language pairs, predominantly of German, English and French sources

2003 - 2004 unavailable to market

Caring a family member

2001 - 2002 Propack Data GmbH, D-Bad Saeckingen

Software engineer’s assistant

QM tasks, Software testing, back office, counselling at (international) exhibitions
Company language: English

1996 - 2001 GmbH, D-Cologne (and predecessors)

Assistant of Division Manager IT Production

Telco company. Translations English <=>German of presentations, speeches, correspondence, etc., back office, supporting of Division Head in various projects, scheduling of internal closing dates, procurement (SAP R/3); contact person for internal and external requests, optimizing UHD processes

1993 - 1996 Maternity leave

1991 - 1992 Lufthansa AG, Press & PR, D-Cologne

Editorial Assistant books and brochures (freelance)

Production or co-operation of various English and German or bi-lingual brochures: proofreading, revising and editing, translation and research.
The brochures: Technical Services, Airport Munich II, some Facts and Figures, Bordbooks, Yearbooks, Annual and Quarterly Reports, Lufthansa’s Germany, press releases

1989 - 1990 Herzog-Personal-Service, D-Cologne (staff agency)

Commercial Clerk

Car dealers’ training centre, Mazda Motors Deutschland
Editing, proofreading and translation of instruction material
Controlling division’s secretary, 4711, D-Cologne
Processing the company’s global monthly turnover and publishing it in a brochure; translation into English of the company’s Guidelines on Consolidation; back office

Editorial assistant Lufthansa’s Germany, Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft, D-Cologne
Magazine (English) at the highest stage that LH distributed to opinion makers worldwide reporting about Germany, the land of its origin. Editorial assistant’s daily business, global distribution, attending to photographers, authors and translators

1977 - 1988 Various jobs in the hotel and catering industry

In the area of Cologne with its international fairs and business visitors, I always had to practise my language skills.


German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch

Software experience

Microsoft: Office, Visio Technical, Access, Works
Lotus: Notes, Smart Suite
SAP R/3 (procurement), SQL Trados, Across

Quality management

Experience in software validation


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German interview audio transcription

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delivery time: 24 hours.

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German videos transcription

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Please transcribe these videos with time code before 5 pm today Beijing time.

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