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Chinese to English: 172.5Yuan/1000 source language words

English to Chinese: 172.5Yuan/1000 source language words


Minimum charges of ¥150 for every 1000 or less words. Potential price rate increase depends on project's urgency. Measurement of urgency: >5000 words submission in 24 hours. Do not accept works that requires professional knowledge from inexperienced field/subject. Please read my curriculum before submitting work orders.

Brief biography
Strong self-learning ability, sounding logic, strong critical thinking skills and problem-solving ability. Personality wise: honest, earnest, accoutable, team mentality, willing to learn and to face challenge.

Educational background

2012 - 2018 University of Manitoba (Canadian)

Psychology Bachelor of Arts

Field of study: Psychology research methods, (Cognitive, Personality, Abnormal, Social, Child, Adolescent and Adult) Psychology, Behavior modification, Brain science, Statistics, Maths and Literacy.

Other Knowledge: Acquired knowlege of entry-level statistics. Ability to use SPSS for basic statistical analysis. Minoring in biological science. Acquired basic knowledge of biology and human nutrition. Acquired basic knowlege of micro-, macroeconomics and marketing.

Work experience

2017 - 2017 Guangzhou Professional Wholesale Market Chamber of Commerce

Branding intern

2017. 7 - 2017.8
Responsible for managing orgnization's social media accout, searching and collecting relevant materials for publishing onto the org's Wechat public platform, translating given documents and editing media post.

2016 - 2016 Guangdong Institude of Mordern Porfessional Market Research

Project intern

2016.5 - 2016.6
Responsible for assiting superintendent in collecting and organizing documents of the declartion procedure of applicable projects.

2015 - 2015 Guangzhou Institute of Metrology, Inspection and Technical Research

Integrated management Intern

2015.7 - 2015.8
Responsible for assisting inspector in quality inspection of optical merchandise, selective examination of commercial glasses, data collection and sorting.


Become freelancer of translating and writing on October, 2018. Currently doing freelancing for 宁波海曙立心教育信息咨询有限公司

Advanced MS office's skill

Words, Excel, Powerpoint

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