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性别: 男     年龄: 24     广州     中国
母语:中文-粤语     第二母语:中文-普通话-简体     外语:英语    

Chinese English Simultaneous Interpreter with 5 years of experience since 2013. Worked for governmental officials in foreign exchanges and celebrities in reality shows. Dubbed for textbooks such as New Wisdom English. Active translator on multiple platforms including TED and with translating companies. MA graduate from the University of Nottingham UK.


2016 - 2017 University of Nottingham

MA Chinese English Translation and Interpreting MA

2012 - 2016 Guangzhou University

English BA

Resume Highlights

----- Foreign Exchange Interpreting -- Lu Wang, Vice Mayor of Changchun Municipal People’s Government -- 2014 China International Friendship Cities Conference
----- Public Sector -- Quarantine Bureau of Canton in Yuexiu District – Ebola Investigation
----- Simultaneous interpreting --
-- Richard Hutten, the Dutch international grandmaster of designing
-- Charles Fox, Cambodia photojournalist and Nottingham Trent University Tutor
----- Consecutive Interpreting --
-- DAVIDWINE COLLECTION Salon and Sharing Session
-- Promotion and Introduction Conference of LEONA, Panama Free Zone by CONSORTIO INTERNATIONA
-- Liaison Interpreting -- Celebrity Li Chen Personal Interpreter on Clashbots
-- Translator & Proofreader – (Incomplete due to confidentiality)
-- Guangzhou Leading Information Technology Co., Ltd
ILEADING-Intelligent Shopping Guide System for Malls System Report;
-- etc.
-- Textbook Acting and Dubbing -- New Wisdom English for Career textbook --
Near-native English; Queen’s English Accent
----- MA Chinese English Translation and Interpreting of University of Nottingham

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