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英翻中: 115.0Yuan/1000 source language words

中翻英: 138.0Yuan/1000 source language words

Educational background

2008 - 2012 四川大学

汉语言文学 文学学士

2013 - 2015 The University of Arizona

East Asian Studies Master's Dgree in Arts

Work experience

2013 - 2015 The University of Arizona

Graduate Assistant Teacher

As a GAT (Graduate Assistant Teacher) I worked with a diverse teaching team in a large, multi-section language program under the supervision of a senior language instructor. This work required me both to coordinate with the other team staff on the implementation of the curriculum, but also necessitated that I manage my own classroom and develop class activities. I won the "Outstanding Graduate Assistant Teaching Award" in April 2015.

2015 - 2017 联合国



2013 - 2017 联合国



2016 - 2016 欧盟



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