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Chinese-English: 184.0Yuan/1000 source language words

English-Chinese: 184.0Yuan/1000 source language words

身份证/结婚证: 11.5Yuan/page

户口本/纳税证明/营业执照/房产证明/房产证/收入证明: 57.5Yuan/piece/copy

驾照/行驶证/存款证明/在职证明/退休证明: 34.5Yuan/page

成绩单 中-英,英-中: 92.0Yuan/page

口译: 575.0Yuan/hour

Educational background

2011 - 2015 JiLin University

English Bachelor

I was an English major students and have graduated from College more than 3 years, and good at Translate! I've worked in Australia for 2 years

Work experience

2016 - 2017 LeEco Co., Ltd


I worked as a Global CS Operation Escalation Specialist in LeEco Company, and I was in charge of Customer Service in North America Market!

Translate E-C, C-E

I've worked as a translator on part-time job during 2016-2018, and translated from Chinese to English and English to Chinese!


TEM 4& TEM 8
And I am good at Chinese Calligraphy

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