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性别: 男     年龄: 26     杭州     中国
母语:中文-普通话-简体     第二母语:中文-粤语     外语:英语     第二外语:日语

English-Chinese(Business Contract & involved): 115.0元/千字原文

Chinese-English(Company Profiles & involved): 149.5元/千字原文

Both Applicable

The unit price is fixed and you should provide related materials for the sake of translation such as websites, keywords, and others.


2010 - 2014 Guangzhou University

Business English Post Graduate

I've involved with courses like business translations, literature, novels etc. During my academic years, I've obtained certificates for my expertise like CATTI higher, BEC higher, SIA Higher and Japanese B level and French B2 level.

2014 - 2016 University of Illinois

Language Translations Undergraduate

Obtain the relevant knowledge & experience in the translation industry.


2016 - 2019 CBRE Asia Pacific

Translator & Interpreter

CBRE is a global business management & property management company. I am doing translation & interpretation in this fields.

TheSecret of Red Gate Farm by

I've finished the translation version for a translation service.


Higher level for translation & interpretation for English Chinese and vice versus.

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