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Gender: Female     Age: 28     New Zealand
Native language: Chinese(Mandarin-TW)     Second native language: English    

中翻英: 264.5Yuan/1000 source language words

英翻中: 322.0Yuan/1000 source language words

口譯: 1610.0Yuan/day

Brief biography
China-born and overseas-raised English speaker.


Have the capability to understand both languages and cultures, so be able to help Chinese contents to convert into readable English for native speakers.


Educational background

2015 - 2017 the University of Auckland, New Zealand (奧克蘭大學, 新西蘭)

Museums and Cultural Heritage (博物館與文化遺產) Master of Arts (Honors) (文學碩士,榮譽碩士)

Masters Honors is a research program which requires every candidate to independently complete one thesis with minimum of 40,000 words within 12 month research period.


I finished this research and produced a successful piece of work within required time frame, so that, confidently obtained this Masters degree.


Work experience

2016 - 2018 the University of Auckland

International Support to Overseas Students

I was responsible to provide supports to international students who were studying in the University of Auckland with my bilingual skills - English and Chinese.

我曾經負責用我的雙語技能 - 英語和中文,為在奧克蘭大學留學的國際生提供支持。

I worked on this position while I was still working on my Master degree and continued till I moved to a new role in Wellington.


2015 - 2018 Auckland Museum

Museum Communicator

I was working for Auckland Museum part-time during my research period and responsible to provide bilingual services to national and international visitors to the Museum.


2018 - 2019 Weta Workshop

Project Management

I am currently working at the capital city - Wellington as a Project Management overseeing overseas location-based entertainment/experience projects. This is a newly stunning field with a tend of continuously glaring.

我目前在首都 - 惠灵顿做工程管理的工作。这个工作会监管场地娱乐/场地体验项目。这是一个新进领域并且会有持续增长的趋势。

Freelancer Interpretator

As English and Chinese are my first languages, I have been helping people and clients with interpretation for many years in both oral and writing scenarios. I am so pretty confident and experienced working on any related areas.

因為英文和中文 均為我的母語,我已經幫助人們和客戶完成口譯和筆譯的工作許多年。因此,我很有經驗同時也很自信的工作的任何相關領域。

TESOL Diploma

I have gained the diploma of TESOL - Teaching English as A Second Language; so I am qualified to teach as well as to interpret.

我已經取得了TESOL證書 - 對外英語教學;因此我有資格來教學同時也有資格翻譯。

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