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Portuguese transcription: 13.8Yuan/minute

english to portuguese : 69.0Yuan/piece/copy

spanish to english : 80.5Yuan/page

Brief biography
My name is Sara and I have a Bachelor's Degree in languages/translation English, German and Spanish. I am a portuguese native speaker and have got translation experience.

I also have got a TEFL certification.

Educational background

2000 - 2006 ISCAP - Portuguese University

Bachelor's Degree in Languages Bachelor's

2010 - 2010 ISCAP - Portuguese University

Translation in German, English and Spanish Bachelor's

Work experience

1997 - 2018 Freelancer


For several years I am doing translations from English to Portuguese.
I also translate documents from Spanish and Portuguese to english.
I have got experience translating websites, Food articles, Textile and Hometextiles articles and also about other subjects.

Translation experience

For several years i translate in 3 main languages spanish, portuguese and english.
I use to translate articles about general subjects, but i am specialized in food, hometextiles, textiles areas.
I also have been doing some translations for companies that want to translate their websites, from english to portuguese.

TEFL certification

Word,excel,powerpoint, internet, TEFL, Goethe Inst

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June 12, 2018 Status: Delivered

Interview transcription - Portuguese

Quantity:10.000 Unit price:12.08/minute, Total price:121Yuan

Income of translator SARA105.04

Turnaround time: 8 hours.

Acceptance period expired atJune 23, 2018, 1:18 p.m.

Order number:1b0f30

May 18, 2018 Status: Delivered

Portuguese interview audio transcription

Quantity:18.500 Unit price:12.08/minute, Total price:223Yuan

Income of translator SARA194.33

Delivery time: 12 hours.

Acceptance period expired atMay 29, 2018, 9:57 p.m.
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