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中翻英:留学个人陈述/动机信/论文/推荐信: 138.0Yuan/page

中翻英:成绩单: 69.0Yuan/piece/copy

中翻英:出生证/学历证明/户口本: 69.0Yuan/piece/copy

中翻英:一般文本/文件: 172.5Yuan/1000 source language words

英翻中: 138.0Yuan/1000 source language words

陪同口译: 115.0Yuan/hour



Brief biography
Hi there! I am a 2017 undergraduate student majoring in Business English, and I will be attending one of the top Business schools in Spain this fall. I have rich experience in translation/preparation of college application documents. My past work experience, in an automotive company as well as a law firm also equipped me with familiarity and expertise in translating business documents and legal documents.
I have passed the TEM-8 test with the grade of "Excellent". My TOEFL score is 106 (test taken in 2016).

Educational background

2013 - 2017 西安外国语大学


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