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性别: 女     年龄: 27     日本
母语:日语     外语:英语    


2010 - 2014

International Communication International Communication

I studied English, problems around the world especially in Asian countries, how to teach Japanese to non-Japanese.

I stayed in USA for 4 months to learn English when I was sophomore.


2014 - 2016

Software Engineer / Network Engineer

After graduation, I worked as a software engineer / network engineer for 2 years.

I went to Vietnam for a workshop and worked as a interpreter-ish between Vietnamese employees there and my Japanese colleagues.

After the workshop, I was assigned to a project to localize a test tool made in Vietnam to a Japanese environment. While localizing it, I contacted employees in Vietnam via email in English when I had some question. I also made a manual of the tool in Japanese.

After I quit my job, I stayed in Canada for about 4 months to learn English again.

2017 - 2017

Japanese language teacher

I worked as a Japanese language teacher in Taiwan for half a year.


I have experience of translating a content of conversations of videos (Japanese to English), and put subtitles. The content of conversations were not technical. Just normal conversations.

I have transcribed a content of conversations of an interview too.

I also have experience of translating some words or sentences used in another client's website (English to Japanese).


TOEIC 955(2012)
EIKEN Grade Pre-1
Cambridge English level 1 in ESOL International (Council Europe Level B2)


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Japanese interview transcription

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Japanese interview transcription

数量:12.500 单价:11.50/分钟, 总价:144元

Delivery time: 9 am on Thursday.

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Japanese interview audio transcription

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Japanese interview audio transcription

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Delivery time: 24 hours.

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