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English-Japanese translation: 34.5Yuan/minute

Japanese transcription: 23.0Yuan/minute

Work experience

2014 - 2018 Freelancer

More than 4 years of experience working with several international clients.

1) Translation:
-----Between any of these language pairs: English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil.

2) Subtitling and Closed captioning:
-----Text/Graphics overlay embedded on video,
-----Youtube / Facebook / Vimeo compatible Subtitles or Closed-Captions,
-----SDH requirements. CPL and CPS as per client request,
-----Formats: UTF-8 encoded SRT, WebVTT, SCC, ASS, MCC, STL.

3) Transcription:
-----Multiple speakers identification,
-----Time-stamps, Verbatim/Intelligent Verbatim,
-----Proofread more than 98% accuracy, Multiple Reviews on request.
-----24hr Turn Around on request.

Order number:b20a8c

May 22, 2018 Status: Delivered

Japanese interview audio transcription

Quantity:5.500 Unit price:11.50/minute, Total price:63Yuan

Income of translator nik55.00

Delivery time: 10 hours.

Acceptance period expired atMay 29, 2018, 7:31 p.m.
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