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性别: 女     年龄: 43     菲律宾
母语:菲律宾语     第二母语:英语     外语:英语    

My name is Sheila, you can call me Ella, I am from the Philippines, i am a single mother of four boys. I have proficiency in English since I had been working as a transcriber since 2007, having expertise in medical, general, media, legal transcription.

I also do translation from Tagalog/Filipino, which is my native language, to English.


1992 - 1996 BS Psychology

I am working as a transcriber since 2007. I have expertise in medical and general transcription


2006 - 2018 UTSC


I have been working as a transcriptionist for 10 years now, having had experience in medical and general field.

Translating Tagalog to English

As a transcriptionist, i also have experience in translating Tagalog to English for movies or TV shows for captioning.

Microsoft Office, Google forms

Having been in this industry for so long, i had expertise in using the Microsoft office as well as the Google forms.

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