Arista EOS操作系统

Viking Aug. 15, 2018, 10:31 p.m.
Translation exercises

英译中: Arista EOS is the industry’s most advanced, open and extensible network operating system. EOS combines modern-day software and operating system (O/S) concepts including transparently restartable processes, open platform development, an unmodified Linux kernel, and a stateful, programmable publish/subscribe database model for switching state. The Arista EOS software framework guarantees consistent operations, workflow automation and high availability. 译文: Arista EOS是业界最先进、开放和可扩展的网络操作系统。 EOS结合了现代软件和操作系统(O/ S)的概念,包括透明可重启流程、开放平台开发、未修改的Linux内核以及用于切换状态的有状态、可编程发布/订阅数据库模型。 Arista EOS软件框架可确保一致的操作、工作流程自动化和高可用性。

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