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For most Chinese foreign language learners, the study of vocabulary is the most fundamental to us. The study of vocabulary is filled with the process of language learning. If we want to listen, speak, read and write smoothly, vocabulary is definitely the basement in language study. Wilkins(1972) believes that little can be conveyed without grammar; Gass(1999) maitains that to learn to foreign language is to learn its vocabulary. However, most English learners realized the importance of vocabulary learning, but they still have some misunderstandings and difficulties on how to acquire English vocabulary. LiuShuying(2006) summarized that English vocabulary is the biggest obstacle for acquiring linguistic and communicative competence for students. Some English learners consider that to learn vocabulary is to memorize its Chinese meaning; and the only method to acquire vocabulary is to memorize hardly. Some students can not succeed in listening, speaking, reading and writing because of a lot of unknown words in listening text, speaking text, reading text and writing process. They fail in expressing themselves clearly or correctly in case of insufficient words or lexical knowledge. All in all, vocabulary learning is considered to be a significant process and fundamental element in language learning by many researchers and many language learners, so acquiring vocabulary is a must to master a certain number of vocabulary. Meanwhile, vocabulary still has big obstacles on both productive and receptive use in language. In this aspect, strategy seems more important for language learners; not only we need to carry out studies on vocabulary but also the vocabulary learning and teaching to improve the vocabulary levels of learners and the theoretical levels of language teaching. And for practical sake we aim to explore effective ways in helping language learners.


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