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Seila Test SubmissionJan. 15, 2019

I started playing the violin at the age of three. During the Cultural Revolution, I practiced at home in secret although the western music and other stuff from the west were forbidden and criticized. I hid in this dark basement to practice in case that the neighbor could hear and report me.  

I only know a few musicians, Aoyisitelahe, and then Коган, Menuhin, Stern, all like god to me but I never thought that I would someday meet one of them face to face.
I was all by myself. As you know, the family was unable to provide financial support back then. There was a popular way called “ looking after the kids”,which required them to live and eat in others’s house. Many Chinese students abroad around me all went this way.

Although it sounds a little ridiculous , it did let us make a living all those years, earning tuition fee, covering living cost and having deposit.

Johnson Test SubmissionJan. 14, 2019

I started to learn violin when I was 3 years old. During the Cultural Revolution, I was still practicing piano at home secretly; although all outside it has been banned, like Western music, Western things are to be criticized. Hiding in this basement, (practice) inside the black room. I was afraid that the neighbors will hear and report.
I also know a few people: Oistrach, then Kogan, Menuhin, Stern. Hearing the existence of such a person like God. However, I never thought that I could meet him face to face one day.
I rely on myself, at that time, you knew the home could not give you assistance. At that time, one of the more popular ones was to take care of a child, and then you could live in their homes. Many Chinese students around me have gone this route.
It sounds a bit ridiculous now, but it has also given us a life path for so many years, and later paid tuition, including living expenses, and a lot of savings.

weiqi Test SubmissionJan. 13, 2019

I started to learn playing violin when I was three years old. During the Cultural Revolution, I was actually practicing violin secretly at home, although all of such activities were completely banned at the time in the country, because all the western things, including western music, were meant to be criticized. Thus, I was just hiding in this basement and this dark room, afraid that the neighbors would find out what I was doing and then turn me in.

There were only a few people (that I knew about). There were Oeslach, and then Corleone, Menuhin, Stern. Knowing the existence of such a person was like knowing the existence of God. Although, I never thought I'd see him in person someday.

I was all on my own, as you know, since at that time your family couldn't have given you any support. Back then, helping people take care of their kids in their home become popular, where you could also live in their home with food and housing both included. Many Chinese overseas students around me have taken this approach.

Although nowadays this sounds a little ridiculous, it did give us a way of living for so many years, and later allowed us able to pay the tuition fees, including living expenses, and even able to save a bit.

蜘蛛侠 Test SubmissionJan. 12, 2019

I’ve been playing violin the since I was 3. During the Cultural Revolution I still played it when I thought nobody could possibly know I was doing down in this place. At that time ,everything “Western” was denounced, and therefore not allowed including Western music I had no choice but to play the violin underground, in that little dark basement, in order to avoid being reported to the Red guards, if my neighbors found out.

I knew no more than just a couple of names of western music musicians, who are Oistrach, Leonid Kogan, Yehudi Menuhin, and Isaac Stern. What i didn’t expect was that I could,one day, be so blessed that met one of them in person later.

Understood that my family were too poor to offer me any aid, I stood entirely on my own feet at that time,. It just happened that there was a job which required no more than living with a family and taking care of their children and i didn’t have to pay for my accommodation or meals. That time Chinese students were in the trend taking this job and so did I, since I had no other solutions.

It may seems ridiculous nowadays, but that was the only way out of dilemmas. Not long after that, I had my tuition paid and could finally afford myself basic livings, even had a few savings.

但老师 Test SubmissionJan. 11, 2019

I started to learn to play violin from the age of 3. I’ve never given up, even during the Cultural Revolution. At that time, it was forbidden around every corner of the country. Western music, everything from the West were faulted. But I kept practicing underground. Hiding in this basement, in this dark room, I was so afraid that my neighbors would hear something and rat me out.

It was by this that I learned a few big names. David Oistrakh, Leonid Kogan, Yehudi Menuhin, Isaac Stern. Look, they were just holy gods for me. I’d never dreamed of meeting them face to face.

I lived all by myself. You know what, I can not expect any aid from my family at that time. Fortunately, babysitting was prevailing then. That is, I lived with the family I was babysitting and enjoyed a guest room and free meals. I saw a lot of Chinese students around me took this job.

It sounds a bit ridiculous now, but it did offer us a good way for living. I paid my tuition, my living expenses, and even made a lot of savings through this.

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