Globally, 2 billion people have been infected by HBV

kurt March 21, 2019, 9:06 p.m.
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Globally, 2 billion people have been infected by HBV, of whom 400 million have chronic HBV, with approximately 33% of the world's population having current or prior infection. The incidence of acute infection and prevalence of the chronic carrier state vary across the world, and there are areas of high, intermediate, and low endemicity. Nearly half of all infections are in the highly endemic areas of Southeast Asia (excluding Japan), China, and Africa. In these endemic regions, ≥8% people have chronic HBV. In areas of low endemicity (e.g., western Europe, North America, Australia), ≤2% people have chronic HBV. In addition, the lifetime risk of HBV infection varies widely around the world, from 80% in highly endemic regions to <20% in low-prevalence regions.