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Personal Statement

Everyone always likes pursuing something that they cannot easily get with no exception on me. I began to fall in love with Communication and Media when I worked as the leader of philharmonic club and was in charge of reporting concert in high school. Completely intoxicated in process of program design and promotion, I began to savor the sense of achievement and happiness, so I set studying the major of Communication and Media at Communication University of China (CUC) as my goal. While the road towards my goal is twisting and difficult, the future is bright. After every attempt and countless days and nights endeavors, I was successfully admitted into the program of Advertising, PR and Technology at Communication University of China (CUC) with the highest college entrance examination score.

It is my unique cross-cultural learning experience that intensifies my cognition on Communication and Media and triggers off my deep contemplation into the major. During my studying at the joint program of CUC and New York Institution of Technology (NYIT), I have explored Communication and Media with those foreign teachers from different cultural background. The professor from America discussed Arab Spring, 911 Attack, and media effects in election with us in the class, from which I came to realize the strong influence of social media on politics. The professor from Spain, who was PR consultant for Zara, guided us to gather statistics of child sexuality elements in fashion magazines such as BAZZAR and VOGUE, and did focus group to collect Chinese public’s attitudes towards this issue, and then analyzed the materials in both qualitative and quantitative method. Actually, this project aroused my attention on ethical problems in media. In the course of Literature, I have finished a thesis titled Find Freud Sigmund in Satoshi Kon’s Animated Film Paprika, in which I have opened my mind on global culture communication from Freud’s strong impacts on eastern Asia literary works and on Hollywood movies. In the book of Black Like Me, I have witnessed that to record African American’s tragic life in the racial segregation period, a white journalist turned himself into a black man. This is an extreme example of ethnographic method, but his courage in recording the most true and profound plots to readers shocked me a lot. My four-year immersion in cross-cultural learning experience not only broadened my horizon on global culture but also helps me to adapt to foreign learning environment in advance so as to quickly keep abreast of the area of Communication and Media.

To have a better understanding on Communication and Media, I partook in Research Institute of Strategic Communication for National Institute of Advertising. As the second student author in the article of What overseas communication can do to help central enterprise brands go higher and further? I assisted postgraduate in conducting in-depth investigations into characteristics of culture, economy, religion and competition situation by methods including surveys, interviews, case study and archival study, then analyzed the data from Google Trends and questionnaires with the help with SPSS, and made comparison between China’s four central enterprises and global top enterprises in communication effectiveness to put forward some feasible suggestions, such as to meet media’ high demand of much attention on central enterprise projects and business performance, we should take initiative to carry out information disclosure construction. By doing these researches, I fully understood the role of communication played in China’s enterprises going out under the background of economic globalization.

It is known to us that a man without any application to knowledge is likened to be a bee without honey, so I interned in Hill+Knowlton Strategies, branch of WPP, in which I did industry research, brainstormed creative PR campaign with formal employees, and then selected liaison with suitable media to help clients to think about feasible strategies to better spread their brands in Chinese market. Moreover, I experienced different workflows during my another internship at Bluefocus, Chinese biggest PR group, where I learned that PR is not only for the establishment of good communication with external elements such as consumers, media and authorities, but also for the management and maintenance of internal relations. I believe these experiences not only solidified my understanding on some phenomena in communication but also shortened my distance with Communication and Media.

The more I learnt, the more ignorant I found. Hence, in the following years, I hope to gain access to more knowledge about you. Having greatly enjoyed LSE teaching styles and deeply touched by the school motto of knowing the causes of everything during my summer school experience, I want to chase Global Communication and Media at this famous university where I believe with state-of-the-art facilities and talented professors, my critical exploration of mediation from the global context and my ability in examining processes of globalization related with organization, production, and consumption will be quickly nurtured and I also believe it is the best place for me to explore the influence between politics and media.

China, ranked 176 out of 180 countries in 2018 World Press Freedom Index, is in the state where speech and news are seriously controlled, and the media environment is relatively closed and one-way. As an aspiring and kind-hearted youth, I would like to seek answers to those issues during my future study at your reputable university with my tiny power. Impressed by Edmund Burke’s idea that media is the fourth estate outside legislative, executive and judicial, I chose it as my summer school thesis topic. Now I want to continue picking it as my postgraduate academic research direction. After graduation from your reputable university, I would like to dedicate myself to global communication research, aiming at assisting organizations in better formulating publicity policies globally. In the long run, I dream to be a PR consultant at an international NGO like UN or WTO.

I am ready to become a dynamic participant at your university, motivated by my rich personal experience, my persevering spirits, and my positive personality. Please do my application every consideration.


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