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                        学习计划Study Plan

个人背景Academic Background:


Early in my childhood, I liked singing and dancing. When I was a little older, I played a role of younger aunt, taking a good care of my neighborhood’s little babies, and telling stories to them. I chose Early Childhood Education as soon as I heard this major when I graduated from middle school. On the basis of my academic background, I chose Fuzhou No.1 Technician College. During the internship period from September 2014 to June 2015, I was thrilled and excited when I saw many white and pure smiling faces and was excited at hearing they call me “Good Teacher”. I love being a teacher. I hope to bring the best educational concept and knowledge to my children. And my dream is to be an excellent kindergarten teacher.

Why do you choose to study in Canada?

1、 加拿大有优美的自然环境,是世界教育体系最完善、教育水准最高的国家之一。如果我去加拿大留学,我可以接受到最好的教育,并且可以学到最完善的幼儿教育的专业知识,这对于以后回国找工作和教育小孩子都非常有帮助
1. Canada has a beautiful nature environment. It has one of the most perfect educational systems and one of the highest education level in the world.

2、 环境相对于比较安全,社会比较和谐,这对于我这个有点胆小的女孩子来说特别适合,这样子我父母也比较放心我在外面读书。
2. The environment is relative safe, and the society is relative harmonious. All of these are especially important for me, a coward girl, to study in Canada. And my parents will not worry me to study abroad.

3、 加拿大政策温和,这个国家的政治制度和意识形态对于我在加拿大的留学生活有着强大的影响。
3. Canada policy is moderate, and the country’s political system and ideology have significant influence on my study.

4、 我的英语口语不是非常好,但如果去加拿大学习,有利于提高我的英语水平。
4. My spoken English is not very fluent. If I can study in Canada, I will make fast progress on my English proficiency.

Above all, I make up my mind to pursue Early Childhood Education in Canada. The reason why my spoken English is so poor is that when I studied in Fuzhou No.1 Technician College, my major is Early Childhood Education, and there is no any professional English course. And the school pays little attention to English. However, to successfully study in Canada, I took much time preparing IELTS exam. I got 4 point at the first exam. To get higher score, I prepared the IELTS exam again. Unfortunately, to my surprise, I got 4 point again. Though my IELT score is 4 point and the result is depressing, I obtained perseverance and endurance during this process.

为什么选择这个学校?Why do you choose this school?
1. Early Childhood Education (Consecutive Diploma/Degree) is a four-year program that leads to both an Early Childhood Education (ECE) diploma from George Brown College and a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree from Ryerson University. After finishing study in George Brown College, I cannot not only get George Brown College Diploma, but also study in my dream university Ryerson University and get Ryerson University’s Bachelor’s degree.

2、This school provides English courses, which is conductive to improving my English proficiency.

3、My English is poor and cannot reach Ryerson University immediately, so I choose to study in George Brown College first, and then go directly to Ryerson University, majoring in Early Childhood Education.

Job in China:

After getting Canada Bachelor’s degree, I hope to work as a kindergarten teacher in Fuzhou Sunshine International Kindergarten, and brought all of my skills learnt from Canada to children. After accumulating enough work experience, I will set up Early Childhood Education Training Center. I sincerely hope to fully dig kids’ all kinds of potential.


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