崔泽义 May 16, 2019, 9:29 p.m.

Translation exercises

Sandy has started with the Wonders curriculum, which will be good for her speaking and critical thinking development. This book will continue to be supplemented by grammar exercises and sentence-building work which is not in the book, but which Sandy needs as she continues to learn how to expand her thoughts.

Sandy is naturally a little bit shy, but she has developed well in interaction. Sometimes she doesn't know quite what to say, and it is important that she be encouraged to think in English as much as possible, as this will reduce the need for her translation from Chinese to English. Her listening power is quite good for her age. She should continue to listen to a great amount of English media such as audio books for children, dramatized stories, and cartoons in English.

Sandy reads and pronounces known words very well, although she needs practice in sounding out unfamiliar words. Her intonation is developing nicely. Here, one of the things we will work on intensively is her vocabulary building – it's time to make word lists that can be used for exercises and games. She should be encouraged to write down new words and keep reviewing them from time to time for easy vocabulary acquisition.

Sandy's grammar is about average for her age – she still struggles a bit with tense construction. With continued speaking in a learning environment, she will continue to learn good patterns, coupled with wide reading practice. Reading is important for children to subconsciously learn correct ways of building sentences, so it is hoped that she is reading a great number of English books suitable for her age.

Sandy's learning plan forward consists of 1) extensive oral interaction and practice speaking in English along with development of critical thinking skills and 2) enhancing her vocabulary and improving sentence-building accuracy.







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