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The custom of tipping is quite unfamiliar to our domestic fellows. But fans of "Two Broke Girls" must know that how much this custom matters in the United States. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. In order to show a proper manner during your US trip. I have listed some common questions about tipping in the United States to make you learn the American tipping culture and easily pass this task!

Dining and cafe Trying new food at a delicate restaurant is one of the most pleasurable parts of traveling and one of the most common tipping scenarios.

The general rule for a restaurant or cafe is to tip 15 to 20 per cent of your total bill. It's important to note that some restaurants automatically add tip to your bill, so you don’t need to tip anymore. If a tip has already been added to your bill, the service charge will be added on the receipt that says Gratuity and have the number already filled in. Different restaurants and service quality require different tips. Tip 18 percent for good service, 20 percent for excellent service, and 15 percent for poor service. But there is nothing stopping you from giving more or less. If you are splurging in a five-star restaurant and it lives up to your expectations, you should tip at least 20 per cent and even 25 per cent.

Please don’t simply walk out without tipping. This behavior is equal to beating the check. Just tip to avoid the embarrassing scene.

Hotels Hotels are also the most common places to tip. If you arrive at the hotel and somebody opens the door for you, that’s on the house. If they carry your bags, that is not on the house. Give them $2-3 a bag.

leave $2 to $5 a day for the housekeeping staff, depending on what kind of state you’ve left your room. For room service, tip $5 minimum but check to make sure the gratuity hasn’t been included on the bill.

Casino In casinos, win or lose, tip your dealer $5 per hour at minimum. Use chips only, never cash. And tip your cocktail waitress $1 each for those free drinks (chips or cash).

TAXIS Taxi drivers expect 10 to 20 per cent for tipping. If they don't help you with your bags you can tip lower. If they are helpful, don't smoke a pack of cigarettes, use deodorant and go a direct route, I head towards the 20 per cent.

Bar The general tipping rule is a dollar a drink. If you order more than two drinks you may hand over at least two $US1 bills. Most American bars have waiters and waitresses so if you remain in your seat and go this option be prepared to pay at least a 10 per cent tip when the bill arrives at the end of your drinking session.

If you tip your bartender more when you order your first few rounds of drinks, they are likely to serve you quicker throughout the night.

What if I have no change? There is no excuse! Make sure you have plenty 1 dollar in your wallet or purse in case you have no change! Don't shrug your shoulders and say you only have big notes. Ask the passing porter if he has change. They'll gladly provide it. Or go to the convenience store on the road side. You may also paid by credit card. They'll bring you a receipt to sign, and on that receipt will be a space to indicate how much tip you wish to leave, and a space for the total (bill + tip). When you fill in the tip amount and total, they'll finish the transaction by entering the total amount in the credit card system and your card will be charged that total amount.

Do I need to tip for bad service? The answer is NO. You don't have to tip. If your waiter/waitress was rude and the food was cold or not cooked how you ordered it, he/she doesn't deserve a tip. Don't scamper out the exit or get angry. Ask for the manager and tell him/her. You may get a discount, and even a free meal.

What if I don’t want to tip? Go for fast food chain restaurant or supermarket. You don't have to tip for fast food at restaurants like McDonald's or Starbucks, and You also don't have to tip checkout employees at supermarkets. But if you eat McDonald's during your trip, the size of your clothes will change quickly from M to L, and from L to XL...


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