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《阿提拉的神剑》(The Magic Sword of Attila The Barbarian)剧本正文:

SHPIGEL This man brought the whole Europe down to its knees. He was responsible for massacre of many peoples. He dreamt of conquering the whole word. His name was Attila, the king of the cruel tribe of the Huns. In the 5th century A.D. he was feared no less than the Devil. He was called the Antichrist, the Devil in a human form. During his life, Attila did not lose a single battle. However, he died … all of a sudden! In the embrace of a woman! It’s incredible, but death approached the cruel ruler of the Huns … on his first wedding night. As a sign of mourning, all the warriors of his tribe made knife cuts on their faces. They bemoaned their leader with bloody tears! But they could not understand what did he die of? Attila had a magic weapon! The sword of the god of war Ares! That sword should make him immortal! 0101-0158 这个男人曾将整个欧洲都踩在脚下。他骁勇善战,杀人无数,梦想征服整个世界,他就是匈人之王阿提拉。(0111)公元五世纪,西罗马帝国已日渐衰微,匈人领袖阿提拉趁机进攻罗马,横扫欧洲,令无数人闻风丧胆,被人称为“上帝之鞭”。在阿提拉的一生中,他从未输过一场战斗,然而就是这样一位常胜将军,却突然在新婚之夜,死在了妻子怀中。(0137)为了哀悼自己的领袖,将士们用刀划破自己的脸,血和泪涌流成河!他们不明白,阿提拉究竟因何而死?他拥有一件天下无双的武器,那就是战神之剑,他本该不朽,却为何会突然命归黄泉?

STANDUP № 1 In the chronicles dated 5th century, the Byzantine sophist Priscus of Panium wrote: «Attila has a magic weapon – the sword of the god. The one to whom it belongs will become the ruler of the world». But if that sword really existed, why did not it save his owner from a disgraceful death? We will reveal Attila’s secret. We will find out whether the unconquerable weapon really belonged to Attila and if so, where did the sword of God Ares disappear to? 0159-0233 M1(青年男):公元五世纪,拜占庭的使者普里斯卡斯曾经这样写道:阿提拉拥有一把神奇的武器,战神之剑。谁拥有这把剑,谁就能统治世界。(0213)那么,如果这把剑真的存在,它为什么没能挽救阿提拉的性命呢?难道这把剑根本就不属于阿提拉吗?在阿提拉死后,它又流落何方呢?在本期节目中,我们将带你一同探寻阿提拉与战神之剑的秘密。

Off-screen. The sword of the god of war Ares. Each great warrior dreamt of finding it! This weapon is still on the top ten list of the most valuable world artefacts. Just like the spear of Odin, the sword of King Arthur, the Holy Grail and the shield of Achilles. The legend says that the god of war Ares presented his sword to … the Scythians! That gift made the steppe warriors unconquerable! But once the sword of Ares was lost during one great fight! In was found again by chance only in the 5th century – a shepherd found it and presented to the Barbarian warrior named Attila. 0250-0326 战神之剑,无数勇士的梦想!迄今为止,这件武器仍然排在最宝贵的人造物榜单的前十名。(0300)此外,奥丁之矛、亚瑟王之剑、圣杯和阿基里斯之盾也在这个榜单内。(0307)根据传说,战神阿瑞斯将这把剑送给了斯基泰人,这个民族因此攻无不克、战无不胜。但在一场大战中,它消失了。直到公元五世纪,一位牧羊人才偶然发现了这把剑,并将它献给了阿提拉大帝。

0327-0329 字幕:阿提拉的神剑

The Natural History Museum in New York. As soon as the door is closed after the last visitor, everything comes to life here. The skeletons of dinosaurs and the mammoth dummies wake up. They rush along the corridors of the largest American museum like mad. All this is seen by a newly recruited night security guard. He is shocked and has to escape from the pursuers. But suddenly he runs into aggressive people dressed in furs. Their leader rushes to attack with a mad cry. 0332-0402 在纽约自然历史博物馆,每当闭馆之后,所有的一切都会突然苏醒。大象的标本、恐龙的骨架,猛犸的模型,所有动物都在馆内互相追逐、横冲直撞。(0348)看到这一切,新来的保安目瞪口呆,他拼命逃跑,躲开了野兽的追逐,但是,他又遇到了一群穿毛皮的野蛮人,他们高举斧头,大叫着朝他追来。

…A hairy Barbarian with a stupid animal-like face – this is how Shawn Levy, director of the movie titled “Night at the Museum”, showed Attila, the king of the Huns. According to the story line, the great conqueror was a stupid and thoughtless freak ready to wreak havoc on everything. 0407-0424 在美国电影《博物馆奇妙夜》中,导演肖恩·里维将匈人领袖阿提拉塑造成一个长着野兽般面孔的野蛮人,他又蠢又笨,做事缺乏考虑,随时准备用暴力破坏一切。

That’s how the Roman historian Amian Marceline described the Huns. “They have the temper of a beast and a disgusting appearance; at the child’s age they cut the skin from their chins, face and cheeks – so that no hair grows on those places. Along with awful ugliness of their faces, they have strong bones and wide shoulders, and they are so clumsy and stout that they look like two-leg cattle». 0425-0451 古罗马历史学家阿米安·马瑟林对匈人也有过类似的描述,他写道:他们的脾气和野兽一样暴躁,脸孔也令人作呕。当他们还是孩子时,就把脸上和下巴的皮肤割掉,因此这些地方几乎没有毛发。他们骨骼粗壮、肩膀开阔,笨拙又结实的样子,就像两条腿的牲口。

STANDUP № 2 For a long time this description was used by historians to portray Attila’s army. But when scientists studied the works of those times it turned out that the Roman chronicler never saw the Huns. Because he never traveled to any land at all! As for the descriptions of the barbarian Huns, he “borrowed” them from the work by his predecessor who wrote that …about the Cimmerians! 0454-0517 M1(青年男):在很长一段时间内,这段话都被历史学家们一再地引用,但是,当我们研究了当时的各种著作之后,才发现阿米安·马瑟林根本就没见过匈人,因为他从来就没离开过罗马。他对匈人的描述其实是前人对于西米里族人的描述。

If this description is just an unsuccessful plagiarism, how did the Huns and their king – Attila really look like? Why was he feared and hated so much by the most powerful states of the world? And what was the cause of death of the man whom his people believed to be the god and whom the whole world called “the retribution of Europe”? 0518-0538 如果马瑟林的描述只是一次不成功的剽窃,那么,阿提拉大帝和他的族人究竟是什么样子的呢?为什么当时最强大的政权会对他充满恐惧?为什么被族人看作是神,被敌人看作是魔的他又会突然死亡呢?

COMING NEXT: At the times of the great transmigration of the peoples a boy was born who would be called the Antichrist. And his army of many thousands warriors would be called the infernal army. He was destined to conquer the whole Europe – to exterminate hundreds of cities losing no battle at all. All his life Attila dreamt of conquering Rome and with this purpose in mind he even got the sword of the War God! However, just one step from victory, in front of the gates of Rome, he suddenly … backed down and lost his power forever! 0541-0611 大约在公元406年,一个小男孩降临在这个世界。几十年后,他带军横扫欧洲,攻下无数城池,被人称为反基督的恶魔,他的军队也被称为“地狱之军”。阿提拉最大的愿望就是征服罗马,这个信念甚至帮他获得了战神之剑,他雄心勃勃,一心想征服当时世界上最强大的政权。


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