Fashion-JUZUI 安正时尚 JZ玖姿

Ben May 8, 2018, 4:06 p.m.

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2018年2月,安正时尚集团最早创立的中高端女装品牌JZ玖姿,以一场主题为“中国姿造MADE BY JUZUI”的大秀压轴亮相米兰时装周。这场大秀的主视觉颇具深意,视频中随着缝纫机机针的上下跳跃,一根黑线在纯白布料上缝制出一段名为“三台缝纫机”的故事。

In February 2018, JUZUI-the Middle and high-end women's wear brand which is earliest launched by Anzheng Fashion Group stroke a pose on the stage by demonstrating the final show on the theme of China’s ZiZao Made By Juzui in Milan Fashion Week. The primary vision of this show has profound meaning. A black line sews a story called Three Tailors in a piece of pure white cloth with the up and downs of needles in this film.

作为集团旗下品牌的国际首秀,“三台缝纫机”的故事传递了这样两层深意: 一方面彰显了玖姿这样一个创立于 2001年的中国当代女装品牌的精神内核,一方面也道出了安正时尚集团创始人的创业初心。近期,《华丽志》独家专访安正时尚集团创始人、董事长郑安政先生,了解他对于集团发展以及当下时尚产业的深层思考。

As the first show of group brand, the story of three tailors conveys two pieces of profound meanings: on the one hand, it manifests the spiritual essence of JUZUI which was built in 2001 as the China’s female costume brand; on the other hand, it also points out the original entrepreneurial intention of Anzheng Fashion Group founder. Recently, HuaLiZhi had an exclusive interview with Mr. Zheng Anzheng who is the founder and the president of Anzheng Fashion Group to see his deep thoughts with the development of company and current fashion field.

32年前,郑安政家族从仅有三台缝纫机开始创业;2001年,玖姿品牌正式创立,公司开始走上品牌发展之路;今天,安正时尚集团发展为一家集研发、生产、品牌管理于一体,拥有JZ玖姿、IMM尹默、ANZHENG安正男装、MICHELLE MOISSAC米歇尔摩萨克、FIONACHEN斐娜晨、ANNAKRO安娜蔻的六大品牌的时尚集团。

Thirty-two years ago, Zheng Anzheng and his family began their business starting from only three machines; In 2001, the brand of JUZUI is officially established and it headed for the road of progress. Nowadays, Anzheng Fashion Group evolved into a fashion group which gathers together with research, manufacture and brand-management while owns JZ, IMM, ANZHENG, MICHELLE MOISSAC, FIONACHEN and ANNAKRO these six fashion brands.


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