Environment Awareness 环境意识

Ben May 8, 2018, 4:07 p.m.

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The United Nations join hands with Chinese government to raise the awareness of public environment


 Lan Yang, who was the image ambassador of bidding for Beijing 2008 Olympics Games made a statement, the 2008 Olympics Games enabled Chinese environment concerns to get unprecedented attentions from nation even all over the world. It is everyone’s responsibility to promote environmental protections., Demonstrating environmental publicity campaign is a good way with the driven of Olympics which can trigger publicity’s enthusiasm for environmental governance and inspire them to participate in environment protection with active actions.


Heli Ma, who is the delegate of coordinating the UN stationed in China and the representative of UNDP said in the opening ceremony, as the prime minister Jiabao Wen stressed in the beginning of this year, the deficient of decision maker and publicity awareness about environment is one of the important reasons which result in China’s severe environment concerns. Our aim is not only to promote the cognition of urgent increasingly environment problems by public, but to convert it into the real action of environment protection.


Xiaoxuan Yu, the minister of environment activities department in Beijing Organizing Committee of Olympic Games expressed, apart from utilizing “Fuwa” to convey environment protection information, there are other collaborations in the aim of “Green Olympics” between Beijing Organizing Committee of Olympic Games and the UN: a.to facilitate the development of clean public transport means by using of zero-release Clean fuel cell bus. b. to adopt environment-friendly material and architectural method during Olympics infrastructure construction and to establish a publicity and education center in Olympic venues to raise the public awareness of water resource protection and other environment concerns, etc.


 It is understood that this project is based on the mutual efforts between UNDP、State environmental protection administration and Ministry of commerce in China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchange. The project’s initial budgeting is provided by the biggest iron and steel manufacture company which commits to drive the technology of energy efficiency and reduce the carbon dioxide release-ArcelorMittal and Royal Norwegian Embassy

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