Xpertrans provides the following assistances for Chinese companies in its overseas market development as well as importation of products and raw materials:

1. Market Research
Research subjects, such as market size, purchase potential, target population, price, marketing channel, opponent, of products and services in the given country, based on the customer’s requirements.

2. Intermediaries
Providing services including office rental, company registration, accounting, taxation.

3. Public Relationship
Assisting client with relationship maintenance with local government, press, NGOs and major companies;
Arranging client meeting with government officials, senior management of major companies, social media opinion leaders, NGO leaders, etc.;
Organizing press conference, new product release conference, seminar, roadshow, banquet, ceremony, etc.

4. Overseas Recruitment
Assisting clients to recruit Chief Representative of overseas market, regional market director, middle and senior management, technician, interpreter, general corporate staff, etc.

5. Purchasing Agent
Providing client the list of local suppliers and assistance with overseas purchasing, including specified product, service or raw material.

6. Media Advertising
Introducing client to the local media resources, for instance, TV, newspaper, website, social media; operating the social media account in a given language.

7. Other consulting service regarding overseas market.