Q: What is the difference between a client account and a translator account?
A: There is no difference.
Just fill in the fields of expertise, quotation, pricing policies, educational background, so on and so forth. Then become a translator/interpreter and receive orders from clients.
Any registered user can become a client simply by placing an order with other users.

Q: What is a ‘translation exercise’?
A: Translation exercise is a platform for translators to showcase their capabilities of translation. Click "Create new article", select "Translation exercise" in "Category", input the text of the source language and target language, and click "Submit".

Q: What is translation essay?
A: Translation essay is a platform for translators to showcase their language proficiency. You can write in Chinese or in any foreign language. Click "Create new article", select "Translation essay" in "Category", input your text, and click "Submit".

Q: What services can a translator or interpreter provide?
A: A. Translation of-

B. Modes of Interpretation
C. Proofreading & Editing
D. Polishing the translated/written document by a native speaker
E. Foreign language tutoring,
F. Any other language-related services you can provide.
*It is advisable to fill in details correctly- for e.g. Instead of “Simultaneous interpretation in French” please specify the language pair like this- “Simultaneous interpretation of Chinese and French”.
*Translators are advised to quote on the basis of the word count in the original language to avoid a negative impression about intentional lengthening of the translation for unacceptable lucrative purposes.
In cases where the translated word count is used for a quote, Xpertrans will try to assist the translator to get the dutiful pay from the client. But it cannot give any false assurances on this matter.
If the advance payment exceeds the actual translation fee, the excess will be refund within 3 working days after the acceptance period. If the advance payment is insufficient, the client shall pay within 3 working days after the acceptance period.

Q: How can I create translation experience?
A: You can create "document translation experience", "video translation experience", "simultaneous interpretation experience", "consecutive interpretation experience" and so on.

Q: How to initiate/participate in translation tests?
A: The client clicks "Create new article", selects "Translation Test" in "Category", enters a test essay around 300 words and requirements, and purpose of the test (such as selecting a translator for a translation project), and clicks "Submit". The translator will reply with his/her translation. The test deadline will expire within 7 days.
The translator can look for the active test essay within the scope of his/her ability in the "Translation Test" section and reply with his/her translation. The translator can choose whether to present his/her translation to general users.
Clients can add qualified translator’s resume to their following list.

Q: How do I release/apply translation demands?
A: The client clicks on "Create new article", selects "Translation demands" in "Category", enters project description, requirements, budget and other related information, and clicks "Submit". Translators will show their interests by 'like' that article. You can check their resumes one by one. The translator can look up the demands in the "Translation demands" section, which are still active, within their capabilities, and express their interest in the demand by "liking" it.

Q: How do the translators develop pricing policies?
A: Click "My resume/Create pricing policy" to edit your pricing policy.
The pricing policy should state minimum charges, special conditions (like repeat/old clients, larger orders), charges for urgent tasks and overtime for interpreting work.
For urgent or overtime charges, please define urgency or overtime clearly.

Q: Can I bargain?
A: This platform does not allow bargaining. Clients do have more choices and some translators may be willing to provide services at a lower price. Experience with using our site and offering your services will help you quote more effectively.
Translators are advised to offer a reasonable pricing to ensure retention of clients along with newer orders.

Q: Can translators reject an order with clients?
A: Yes. The translator may not have enough time or the project requirements may exceed the translator's ability.
A client can follow several similar translators to ensure that each of his/her projects can be completed on time.

Q: Does a quotation already include a 15% management fee?
A: Yes. For e.g. If a translator/interpreter quotes 100 yuan/hour, the price you see is 115 yuan/hour. The price you see is the price you pay for.

Q: Is the 15% management fee the profit of Xpertrans?
A: No.
Xpertrans bears additional costs of referral rewards to translator referrer and client referrer apart from other operational costs, taxes and fees. Hence its gross margin is much lower than the above mentioned fee.

Q: How do you compute referral reward?
A: The referral reward equals to 2% of the translator's pre-tax translation income. Whether the one you referred becomes a translator or a client, you can always get this 2% as long as he/she places/gets an order on this site.
If coincidentally you are the referrer of both the client and translator of an order, you can get a total of 4% referral reward.

Q: How can I refer others to Xpertrans?
A: You will find your referral code on the page My Info. Your friend enters your referral code while registering and you become his/her referrer.
You can see your referral list in My Info.

Q: How long is the acceptance period?
A: You have a 7-day acceptance period starting from the delivery of the translation.
If the translation is returned for revision within the acceptance period, the 7-day acceptance period shall be recalculated from the re-delivery of the translation.
If the client needs to extend the acceptance period, please notify us via WeChat, Skype or email. The acceptance period shall be extended for 7 days from the time Xpertrans will reply to that request. If the client does not inform us through WeChat, Skype or e-mail that the quality of the translation has not met the client requirements during the acceptance period, the ‘acceptance’ is set as confirmed (it is deemed as qualified). We will pay translation fees and referral reward by the 5th of next month.
During the acceptance period, the translator is obliged to modify the translation free of charge. However, if the client changed the source document and asked for revision, the translator has the right to ask you to pay.
After the acceptance or default acceptance, the translator still has the obligation to give free modification and explanation on the errors of the translation. However, in a situation when the translator refuses to modify it, Xpertrans will not assume any responsibility.

Q: Why do clients have to pay all of the translation fees in advance?
A: The translation fee you paid in advance is kept by Xpertrans temporarily.
Past experiences have led to this decision on part of the management. In order to protect the interests of translators, we require clients to prepay the full amount.

Q: Under what circumstances will the client be refunded?
A: Refunds can be called for in case of poor quality of work. In case a client is unhappy with the quality of work, he must inform us via WeChat, Skype or email before the end of the acceptance period. If the acceptance is confirmed in written within the acceptance period, or it is deemed as qualified, the client does not have the right to request a refund. Such a case will be solved by mutual agreement. If not, a qualified independent third party may be invited to judge it or hand it to the judicial authority for a ruling. Xpertrans only provides objective evidence to both parties as witnesses and does not assume any responsibility. Prior to the settlement of the dispute between the two parties, the translation fee paid by the client will be kept temporarily by Xpertrans. All costs incurred by both parties to resolve the dispute shall be borne by the party at fault. If both parties are at fault, the cost should be shared by both of them in proportion to the magnitude of the fault.

Q: Does Xpertrans provide VAT invoices?
A: Xpertrans provides VAT invoices to clients in mainland China. You need to fill in the billing information in your "profile".
For overseas clients, we provide standard A4 paper size Invoice.
Courier fee will be borne by the client in case of invoice amounts of RMB 1000 or less.
Every order is taxed honestly regardless of whether or not you request VAT invoice.

Q: How does Xpertrans pay the translators?
A: Xpertrans prefers to pay translators through Alipay and WeChat Pay. You can also choose bank-to-bank transfers.
For overseas translators, we can pay you the equivalent fee in US dollar via PayPal, using PayPal’s exchange rate for the day. PayPal's handling fee will be borne by the overseas translators themselves.
Because we have to deduct and pay personal income tax monthly according to related laws, Xpertrans will pay the fee and referral reward of the previous month before the 5th of each month.
You need to fill out and confirm your tax information (tax filing status) after the 16th of each month to ensure that your translation fees can be paid on time.

Q: Does Xpertrans deduct and pay personal income tax?
A: Yes. Xpertrans deducts personal income tax from their income to those who cannot provide VAT invoices.
Individuals whose income exceeds 800 yuan shall pay a tax. Assuming that you have a monthly income of 3,000 yuan, you should pay tax=(3000-800)x20%=440 yuan.
If your translation work is done by your team, each team member can get 800 yuan tax exemption. For the example above, if you lead a team of 3 members, your tax is (3000-800x3)x20%=120 yuan. You can select the number of your team members at My Info/Tax Info and fill in the members’ information. Please ensure that your team member information is true and valid as we will send money to their account.
After your tax information is approved by the administrator, it can only be modified after the 16th of each month.
1st to 5st - Payment period
6th to 10th- Confirmation of receipt by translators
11th to 15th- Buffer period
16th –Any modification in tax information, etc.

Q: How do I complain?
A: Please throw your complaints and feedback through WeChat, Skype or via email. Alternatively, you may choose to call our client service at 13552025045

Q: How do I count words?
A: If the translator does not specifically state in the "Pricing policy", we use Microsoft Word to count words and use the value of the second statistics "Words" (Include textboxes, footnotes, and endnotes).
If there are foreign languages in Chinese document ​​that do not need to be translated, the value of the last statistics "Asian characters, Korean words" as the words count.

Q: How do I compute the duration of videos and audios?
A: Video translation and audio translation are generally priced according to the duration of video and audio. The statistical method is the length of time displayed in the "Detailed" column of the file attribute under Windows system.
If there is any part of the video or audio that does not need to be translated, please tell us in the format of 03'12"-3'50". This time duration will be subtracted from the statistics.

Q: How can I evaluate a translator?
A: We use the number of followers, number of clients, number of orders, number of repeat clients, Retention rate (repeat clients divided by number of clients), and ratings to comprehensively evaluate the performance and capability of a translator.
Number of followers: Indicates how many clients have considered the translator as their talent pool.
Number of clients: The number of clients who have placed orders with the translator.
Number of orders: If a translator has a small number of clients, but has lots of orders, he or she has a certain number of repeat clients.
Retention rate: In the case of clients and orders are both huge, the higher the retention rate, the more the translator is recognized by clients.
Ratings: The client can evaluate the translator within 10 days after the delivery of translation, with a maximum of 5 points and a minimum of 1 point. The rating takes 5 days to go live. If the translator thinks that the rating is incorrect, he or she can challenge the administrator before the rating goes live. The administrator has the right to cancel the client's rating if he finds it incorrect or not based on facts.

Q: How to ensure the quality of translation?
A: The two hens will not add up to an eagle. Two average people wouldn’t be smarter than an outstanding one.
Similarly, two translators with poor language proficiency, one translating and one proofreading, may not be able to produce qualified translations.
Therefore, we are willing to ask a high-level translator to complete the task independently.
1. Choose one high level translator to complete the task independently.
2. With a higher budget, consider enlisting two high-level translators, one to translate and one to proofread.
3. With a still higher budget, consider enlisting one high-level translator and a native speaker to do the proofreading/polishing.
4. It is only human for translators or interpreters to err even at the level of the UN.
As long as the translator does not make fatal translation errors and is willing to make free revision after the delivery, it is acceptable.

Q: What if the original text is ambiguous?
A: If the translator finds that the original text is ambiguous, please contact us in time and we will ask client for confirmation.
If we are not informed, and the translator omits it intentionally or translates it according to his own understanding, the client may consider it as a translation error.

Q: What if the translator leaks trade secrets?
A: Please understand and agree on the fact that keeping trade secrets is a part of the professional ethics of translators. The serious punishment that we can levy on translators is to delete their account or refund the translation fees if they have not yet been paid. The translator cannot compensate for any direct or indirect losses caused by the leak. When the client places an order with the translator, he already knows the possible risk of disclosure and is willing to bear all the losses that may be caused by a possible leak and exempts Xpertrans from any responsibility.

Q: Is Xpertrans a qualified translation agency?
A: Yes. The qualifications that Xpertrans can provide are copies of business licenses stamped with official seals.
Some translators or interpreters can provide copies of qualification documents such as translator certificates, language proficiency certificates, translators and interpreters association membership certificates, etc. You can search for them on this site.

Q: I have credential documents to be translated. What should I do?
A: The credential documents translation service is also provided directly by translators. Clients need to pay attention to:
1. The credential documents often include:
Driver License, Passport, ID Card, Housing Property Ownership Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Diploma, Transcript/Academic Record, Academic Certificate, Certificate of Tax Payment, Business License, Marriageability Affidavit, Income Certificate, Certificate of Deposit, Birth Certificate, Proof of employment letter, Police Criminal Record Check, etc.
2. Check the picture of the document to make sure it is clear, no vague or damaged areas.
3. Provide full Chinese name of the credential document holder in case the document is foreign language.
4. If you need a copy of the translator's certificate, Please specify clearly.
5. If you need a concise statement by the translator in foreign language similar to the following: "The document translated for XXX is exactly the same as the original document. The translation is accurate." Please specify clearly.
6. If you need the translation to be printed on the letterhead paper with official seal of Xpertrans, or a copy of the business license with the official seal, we will charge an additional 10 yuan per piece of copy.
7. If you need a copy of the translation to be delivered to your home or office, we will send you through SF Express from Wuhan. This courier expense will have to be borne by the client.

Q: How do I write translation requirements?
A: When placing an order with a translator, it is a good idea to specify your requirements. Different clients may make different requirements according to their own situation.
According to our experience, translation requirements may involve the following aspects for your reference:
Document Translation:
1, Delivery time: It should be as accurate as possible to hours, such as before 9:00 am on May 22. Please do not use fast, as soon as possible, tomorrow, the next Wednesday and other relatively inaccurate expressions. For documents consists of lots of pages, you can also ask for delivery in batches. For example, one-third of the translation should be delivered before 2 pm on March 21.
2, Translation format: such as "Chinese - English", "English only, layout and text consistent with the original" and so on, "Please save the translation with MS Word" and so on.
3, Proper nouns: Such as company name, trademark, product name, and other proper nouns, and other glossaries, perhaps have traditional translations in your company. You should provide us the glossary list. If you do not provide it, the translator will translate it according to dictionary or popular translation on the internet.
4. Quality: If you have special requirements on the quality of translation, please specify it clearly. Otherwise, we will judge it according to the quality standards that the translator’s promises.
5. For technical or other documents that require professional and academic backgrounds, you can enclose a clip around 300 characters so that the translator can judge if he/she is the right translator.
Video, audio translation:
1, delivery time, proper nouns, quality: same as above.
2, translation format: such as "Chinese - English", "English only, time code before each paragraph", "English only, no time code needed", etc.
1, Start and end time: such as March 12 - March 15.
2. Working hours: such as 9am - 5pm.
3. Registration time: The time for the translator to arrive at the job site, such as 8:30 am on March 12.
4, Location: Please write a specific location, such as a certain building in Daxing District, Beijing.
5. Related content: Please describe as specific as possible. For example, "negotiating contracts for the transfer of technologies of agricultural water-saving irrigation with Israeli companies," rather than only "agriculture" or "technology." This can help the translator judge if he/she can do it.
6. If you need Simultaneous Interpretation, you should hire two interpreters, please indicate whether the translator will bring his/her own partner or you will choose another interpreter.
7. If it is Simultaneous Interpretation, you may need to place an order for rent with the vendor of the simultaneous interpretation equipment. Make sure you know the time, location, number of interpreter consoles, and the number of headphones. In general, a conference room requires an interpreter console.