For clients, the process is summarized in three steps: Place an order, Make the payment and Acceptance.

For translators, the process can be summarized in three steps: Confirmation, Translation and Collection of money.

We use document translation as an example to illustrate the process of completing a translation project:
  1. Place an order- On the translator’s resume page, click "Order" to fill in the project (document) name, number of words, price, requirements, etc.

  2. Confirmation- We will ask the translator to confirm his or her availability as soon as possible.

  3. Making the payment- After the translator confirms, the client pays the translation fee. The translation fee is kept by Xpertrans temporarily.

  4. Translation- After receiving the translation fee, we will inform the translator to start the translation work.

  5. Acceptance- After delivery of the translation, the client has 7 days to check the quality of translation. The translator will revise any errors free of charge within 7 days and deliver it again. The client will automatically get another 7 days for checking and acceptance.

  6. Collection of money. After the client confirms the qualification of the translation by WeChat, Skype or Email, we will pay the translator and the referrers translation fee and referral rewards before the 5th of the following month. If it is not confirmed in writing within the acceptance period, it is deemed as qualified.


If translation errors are found during the acceptance period, the translator will revise it free of charge. Translation errors found after the acceptance period, the translator still has the obligation to modify it for free. But the binding of Xpertrans is decreased, the possibility of being unable to reach the translator or rejected by the translator is not ruled out by Xpertrans.

If the quality of translation is found to be completely unacceptable by the client during the acceptance period, we will refund all or part of the translation fees on demand. After the acceptance period, if lots of translation errors are found to result in the client requesting full or partial refunds, we could mediate between, but cannot guarantee that the translator will refund the fee.

During the acceptance period, if there is a sensible reason, you can still apply for an extension of the acceptance period through WeChat or email. Your application needs our written reply to be valid. If you do not get a reply in time, please call our client service number 13552025045